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Meet Winston

A gift


Winston is a gift box with quite the personality – fun, bold and authentic. Some might even say optimistically adventurous. You see, to Winston, the world is a wonderful place filled with mysteries and surprizes waiting to be discovered.

The cries

One day, Winston heard a strange sound in the distance. "Where are these sounds coming from?" Winston wondered. Intrigued, he began to follow the sound and eventually arrived at The Graveyard. Winston had heard rumours about this desolate place – a sparse land where depleted, damaged or pre-loved products that have lived out their lifespan were laid to rest.

Winston at the gates to The Graveyard

Winston gulped and thought about turning back. However, the cries he heard got him curious. He cautiously opened the gates to The Graveyard. Instead of the mountain of depleted and damaged products that Winston expected to find, what he saw next sent shivers down his ribbons.


A sea of products did line the floors but many were new and fully functioning, and many of them were his friends. Winston backed out of the gates with haste and ran as far as he could from The Graveyard. His thoughts ran awry - Why were so many of his friends being thrown out when they were all well and functioning? Why were they no longer loved?


These questions would continue to haunt Winston over time, driving him to look for answers. He eventually learned that changes in people's consumption patterns were the root cause for his friends’ unfortunate demise.


With the constant barrage of advertising that people are exposed to daily, consumer are more prone than ever to buying things that they don’t necessary need. Once the novelty of owning something new has worn out, people quickly come to realise that their impulse buys don’t necessarily fulfil a particular need, and these products are usually relegated to The Graveyard.

Surprize, surprize

Determined to help his friends out, Winston took it upon himself to come up with a viable solution and put an end to the cycle of mindless consumerism once and for all. He racked his brain, coming up with countless ideas over many months. But one idea stood out from the rest... and Winston thinks he has finally gotten the answer.

Introducing The Surprize App.

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